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About Us

About Us

MC MC Global

MC Global Solutions is the exclusive partner for Maintenance Connection CMMS software in Europe and Australia. To find out more about MC Global please click on the logo above.

Maintenance Connection is the solution that just works

Maintenance Connection has been providing cutting-edge CMMS solutions to organisations around the world since 1999.

In 2007, we established an Australian headquarters to offer direct sales, implementation and training services to our local customers. Two years later, we opened our United Kingdom branch to service our customers in Europe, and in 2013 we launched our offices in New Zealand and Singapore to service the Asia Pacific region.

In partnership with Maintenance Connection USA and Canada, we provide global coverage to more than 1500 customers.

A unique combination of powerful technology and dedicated customer focus

Maintenance Connection is a company built on service excellence. Our people, systems and approach are all focused on delivering the most advanced, intuitive and and easy-to-use CMMS to the maintenance industry.

Maintenance Connection is proven, effective and easy to use

Our cloud-based CMMS/EAM technology optimises your assets. It helps reduce operational risk and costly downtime, decreases inventory and maintenance costs, improves labour productivity and automates workflow. It gives you greater access and increased flexibility and streamlines your entire maintenance operation.

View our maintenance software industry solutions and take a look at our YouTube video collection.