Asset Management

Build an intuitive hierarchy of your organisation's Assets to view the location of each Asset and add new Assets.

Work Orders

Create Work Orders quickly and define tasks easily. Work Orders can be grouped together for easy management.

Preventative Maintenance

Choose from built-in Preventative Maintenance schedules or create your own. Add PM Inspection, scheduling and more.

Inventory Management

Track inventory usage and manage on-hand, available and reserved inventory items across a number of stock rooms.

Labour Management

Centralised information on all relevant aspects of your employees and contract labour, including schedules, training and work reports.


The reporting centre lets you automatically generate customised lists, schedules and reports through predefined parameters.

Procedures / Tasks

Attach pre-defined tasks and costs to either a work order or a preventative maintenance schedule.

Service Requester

The Requester application is a simple to use online maintenance request form. All staff members can use this application to create and get updates on requests.

Technician Work Centre

A module that allows maintenance staff a simple interface for dealing with Work Order requests.

Mobile Solutions

Online and Offline mobile solutions allow technicians to work anywhere in a paperless environment.


Set KPI's and monitor targets to measure the impact on asset and equipment performance and total maintenance costs.