Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Online Mobile – MC Express

MC Express enables maintenance staff to access Maintenance Connection information from Work Orders, Assets or Inventory while on the move using a smart phone or tablet connected to a mobile data service or the internet.

No software is installed on the device and Staff or not limited to a single device with the use of browser-based technology.

Customers are free to pick any smart technology with a modern browser!

MC Express Will Help You Increase Productivity With a Powerful User Interface

  • Access Work Orders at your Fingertips
  • Instantly Complete Work Order Tasks
  • Create new Work Orders or Assets
  • View or Upload Work Order documents and pictures
  • Barcode scanning for any field
  • Use, adjust, and receive spare parts inventory
  • Utilise start/stop clock functionality
  • Inventory Counts
  • Eliminate the need for printouts and reduce waste


Offline Mobile – MCe Plus

Sometimes Maintenance staff are not always in location that has the internet access. MCe Plus is aimed at users who require basic Work Order functionality while they are not connected to the internet. Users of MCe Plus will be able to capture information on Work Orders tasks, meter readings, asset specifications and have the ability to capture signatures as well.

Using HTML5 browser technology no software is installed on the device making it easier to update or change devices.


  • Synchronisation when online
  • Signature Capture
  • Access Work Order Documents
  • Create new Work Orders
  • Work Order Costs for Labour and Parts
  • Barcode technology