Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Manufacturing / Warehouse

Manufacturing maintenance managers need an easy way to monitor every component involved in the producing process in both discrete and process manufacturing plants. A CMMS solution is imperative to keep track of schedules, equipment, and warehouse facilities.


There is no room for error in Power Generation, Oil and Gas, and Energy delivery organizations. A CMMS is critical to ensure that all power generation equipment must be well-maintained at all times and all power lines are continuously operational.

Facilities Management

Whether you have a multi-site organization or a small building to manage, the Maintenance Connection CMMS is the key to becoming more organized and operating more efficiently.


Healthcare, biomed, and senior living facilities need to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Maintenance plays a major role in keeping medical equipment running smoothly and ensuring hospitals or clinic facilities are operating efficiently.


In government operations, it is important to keep good records and minimize any downtime. This can include anything from general building maintenance to fleet maintenance to maintaining military bases. A CMMS Solution will provide an easy way to maintain every component.


Schools, colleges, and universities have the challenge of managing assets, buildings, and maintenance staff that may be scattered across different locations. They have an increasing amount of IT Assets consisting of computers, software, network hubs, and labs that need to be maintained, in addition to classrooms, labs, athletic fields, and playgrounds.


Safety and cleanliness are imperative at recreation facilities like sports arenas, zoos, amusement parks, and athletic clubs. A CMMS can keep track of the maintenance on everything including equipment, exhibits, and attractions.

Councils & Cities

In city and state government operations having proper maintenance routines is a must. This can include anything from ensuring garbage trucks are up and running, to landscaping maintenance in a park, to pump maintenance to produce clean water in a wastewater treatment plant. Maintaining ideal conditions for the citizens of a city or state community is critical.


Whether it is cars, trucks, boats or planes, it is important to find a CMMS solution flexible enough to handle the maintenance any of these to keep passengers and drivers safe.

Metal / Mining

Metal and mining organizations must maintain their equipment to strict specifications. Having a CMMS in place is critical to their operations.