Our goal at Maintenance Connection is for customers to receive upfront training on our CMMS system to ensure a successful implementation, with ongoing training to sharpen skills and use our system to the fullest extent.

Initial Training

Our team of experts can conduct on-site or remote training sessions to get your team up to speed on our CMMS software. We will work with you to develop a training plan that fits the needs of your staff and time frame. We’ll cover topics like:

    • System Introduction and Navigation
    • Asset and Preventive Maintenance Management
    • Work Order Management
    • Inventory Management (if applicable)
    • Reporting

Continued Learning

We offer several opportunities for clients to receive ongoing learning about the features of our CMMS software to brush up on existing skills or take knowledge to the next level. These include:

    • On-Site / Remote
    • MC University

Add-On Training Packages

For customers looking to add additional training, we offer an array of training packages including:

    • Administrator
    • Technician
    • System Audits

We’re here to help

Our ongoing commitment to customer service extends to staff training. We’ve created a suite of education resources so your staff fully understands the features of our CMMS system quickly. These resources equip your team members with the necessary information to aid the successful implementation of Maintenance Connection into your organisation.